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Put Some Respect On My 'Nontraditonal' Name And Pronounce It Correctly

With a name like Hanifah, I am no stranger to the mispronunciation of my name. In this article for The Odyssey, I give readers insight into my experiences and how my name relates to my identity. This article encourages readers to be considerate of other cultures and languages.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Reminds Us To Take Care Of Our Health

This article discusses women's health and the societal stigmas surrounding it. Written in October 2018 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,


Untold Story: Living with Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders are often underrepresented. In this article, I convey the importance of advocacy, while detailing my own first-hand experiences living with the disorder.

Introducing Up and Coming Model to Watch, Wokie Zaria

This article is a feature on Wokie Zaria, an aspiring model. Featured in Benefit Cosmetic's all-shade inclusive line, as well as Kendrick Lamar's All the Stars music video, she is making a name for herself in the industry.
Written for Kamsi Magazine, this feature article gives readers a glimpse into her journey and hopes for the future.


Where is Gun Control for Black Children?

Written for Kamsi Magazine, this article discusses gun culture and its impact on inner city youth, specifically Black children.

There are more than just 2 types of Natural Hair

A short article published at Kamsi Magazine detailing the importance of hair type diversity in the natural hair movement.

Election Day

A Friendly Reminder to Vote

This article discusses voting culture amongst millennial.

Health and Beauty: Benefits of Honey

Honey is much more than a sweet treat for your Cheerios. This article published at Kamsi magazine discusses the multiple benefits of honey for health and beauty.

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