• Hanifah Jones

50 States Before 50: Texas Throwdown

After everything I mentioned in my last post, I was well overdue for a vacation. While my Instagram feed suggested destinations like the Maldives and Bali (my dream vacation in case you were wondering), my pockets were urging me to go somewhere a little closer to home.

It was at this point that I realized that I hadn't explored much of the United States. From the red, hot canyons in Arizona, to the snowy mountains of Colorado, there's so much to see. So I made a pact with myself, vowing to visit all 50 states before my 50th birthday. Honestly, I hope to achieve my goal way before, but 50 under 50 has a nice ring to it.

I knew I wanted to go somewhere down South, and you can get more southern than Texas. You might be wondering why I picked San Antonio over Dallas and Houston. While I would love the opportunity to visit Queen Bey's hometown, I was looking for a different vibe. I just wanted to relax, experience something new, and eat good food. San Antonio gave me everything I was looking for, and more!

During my trip, I stayed at La Cantera Resort & Spa with the help of an amazing Groupon deal that included roundtrip airfare.

Here are some highlights from my journey:

The Resort

The Experience

The Food

Things I Learned on This Trip:

1) Resorts are Expensive

Like I mentioned earlier, I was only able to afford this trip at a discounted rate. Thankfully, I was able to save money because I was hit with a long list of "resort fees" at checkout. I plan on budgeting more in the future. Who knows, maybe I'll get over my fear of AirBnB (too many horror stories).

2) Southern Hospitality is Real

I thought it was a myth, but the southern charm is alive and well! From the resort staff to people on the street, everyone was super friendly. Iyanna and I went to a dancehall, and a kind gentleman taught me how to square dance. I also got to ride a mechanical bull at the dancehall and everyone was nice enough to avoid laughing in my face when I fell off after three seconds.

3) It's Okay to Slow Down

I'm so used to the fast-paced lifestyle of Philly that it took me a couple of days to feel comfortable doing nothing. I appreciate the fact that Iyanna scheduled downtime into our itinerary.

To recap, my trip to Texas was a success! I highly recommend traveling to San Antonio if you are interested in good food, history, and wine. I'm already looking forward to my next adventure, 12 states down, 38 more to go!