• Hanifah Jones


Hi there!

I wish I had a good excuse for why I’ve been away for so long (five months, but who’s counting?). But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that taking a break to focus on personal things is absolutely healthy. While 2020 has been filled with intense highs and lows, I just wanted to stop and make an announcement...

(Throwback to my first time visiting DC back in 2018)

I moved to Washington, DC!

At the beginning of the year, I compiled a list of cities where young Black women can go to thrive. While I initially thought it would take years for me to be able to relocate, life had other plans.

Now, here I am unpacking my bags in DC, excited for this next chapter of my life!

I finally feel like I’m a space where I can continue to (consistently) produce content. Be on the lookout for pieces about exploring a new city, health, DIY projects, and much more.

And most importantly, thank you for being patient with me!