• Hanifah Jones

Hair Guac? DIY Natural Hair Hack

What does natural hair care mean to you? In this post I'm going to be trying a new natural hair hack using something I love...food.

I've been a heat-free natural for about three years now. Throughout my natural hair journey I've tried every trick in the book. From apple cider vinegar rinses to laying upside down and massaging my scalp to promote hair growth (please don't try this). I've been feeling experimental with my hair lately so I wanted to use my platform to explore different natural treatments.

If you have Type 4 hair like me, moisture is your best friend! This DIY deep conditioner is made with all natural ingredients that contain beneficial vitamins and will leave your hair with a healthy sheen . Not trying to make an unnecessary trip to the store? Don't worry, all you need are common household items that you can find in your pantry or fridge.

Avocado and Honey Deep Conditioner

What You'll Need:

- Two Avocados (this depends on the length and density of your hair)

- Two Tablespoons of Raw Honey

- Three Tablespoons of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

- A Healthy Drizzle of Olive Oil

- A Blender or Food Processor

- Optional: A Banana


Avocados are more than a delicious treat for your tacos. The super fruit also contains vitamins A,D, E, and B6 as well as high concentrations of potassium, protein, amino acids, folic acid, and iron. Aside from that, Avocado oil is one of my favorite hair oils! I experienced a lot of breakage when I dyed my hair a few years ago and avocado oil helped it all grow back healthier than before.

The other ingredients are also great for haircare. Honey is a humectant that locks in moisture and JBCO is known to promote hair growth.

The Break Down

First you'll need to de-pit your avocado and blend until smooth. This step is super important, the smoother the mix, the easier it will be to apply and rinse out.

Next, you'll want to heat up your honey and oils. The heat will make it easier for the oils to penetrate your hair shafts and strengthen the follicles. Combine the oils and honey in a heat resistant dish, place the dish in a pot of boiling water, and allow the combination to warm up. This method is a great alternative to heating your oil in the microwave which may cause it to lose some of the beneficial properties.

Pour the oil into the avocado mix and blend, blend, blend!

Your final product should be smooth with minimal chunks. If you do end up with chunks, try to smooth it out by rubbing it in your hands before applying. This can be messy, so make sure you lay down a towel and clean your area as you go.

Next, complete your normal wash and detangle routine. I used the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner. After washing, I parted my hair into four even sections and applied the deep conditioner. Then I covered it with a plastic bag and went about my day. Using a plastic bag to trap heat into your hair is known as the Greenhouse Method and works wonders for thick, coily hair.

If you accidentally made too much like I did, don't worry! This multiple-purpose treatment can be used on your face as well. I used the extra mix as a facial and it left my skin feeling super soft.

First Impressions:

I let the concoction marinate on my hair for about an hour and a half. There wasn't a distinct smell, it just smelled.....natural. Like I mentioned earlier, my batch had a few clumps so I had to be extra careful when I rinsed it out.

The first thing I noticed was how bouncy my curls were. My hair was in mini twists for at least two and a half weeks so it really needed some TLC. This deep conditioner definitely brought it back to life!

Personally, I loved it! My hair feels super moisturized and it was very manageable for styling.

However, while my hair thrives in heavy saturation, I know that isn't the case for everyone. If you have thin hair I would cut the recipe in half and only leave it on for half an hour.

Do you enjoy hair content? Are there any other hair hacks that you want me to try? Leave a comment down below!