• Hanifah Jones

Lessons I Learned from SATC

Sex and the City is a story about love, fashion and friendship. It’s also one of my favorite TV shows. I’ve rewatched it more times than I can count and I even had a SATC-themed party for my 23rd birthday. When HBO Max announced a reboot of the beloved series I couldn’t hide my excitement! “And Just Like That” will follow Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda (no Samantha, sadly) as they navigate their 50s. Before I tune in to the new series, I wanted to reflect on the lessons we can learn from each character's journey.


As a (former) hopeless romantic, I always resonated with Charlotte’s optimistic outlook toward love. She was an optimist who always saw the glass half full and stuck to her values. A traditionalist, she wanted a picket fence fairytale ending and dedicated her dating life to finding her Prince Charming. The problem? Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way.

Throughout the series, her faith in love was frequently tested. From bad dates to a bitter divorce, Charlotte quickly learned that having a shallow list of requirements for men might not always lead to happiness. Her first husband met her requirements, but it definitely wasn't a match. So imagine her surprise when she found herself falling in love with her bald, brash divorce lawyer. Harry wasn't Charlotte's dream man but he was just what she needed.


There is one thing about the new reboot that I’m not excited about: the absence of Samantha Jones. While I respect Kim Cattrall’s decision to no longer be involved with the franchise, I can’t imagine how the story can continue without one of its most provocative characters.

For a show called Sex and the City, most of the characters held on to archaic views about love and relationships. Samantha was one character who didn’t fit into society’s mold of femininity. While most people associate Sam with her flings, I associate her with confidence. Samantha wasn’t afraid to do or say anything. She didn’t want the traditional love that everyone else craved and she wasn’t ashamed about it. Her goals never included marriage or children, and she was very successful in her professional field. The love of Samantha’s life was Samantha, a reminder of the importance of self-love.


Hear me out: we need to put some respect on Miranda’s name. When I first watched the show as a teenager, I didn’t really care for Miranda. She was mean and didn’t seem as glamorous as the other characters. However, as I approach my mid-20’s, I see her in a completely different light. Miranda was a career-focused lawyer who wasn’t going to apologize for her success. Yes, her no-nonsense attitude did come off as pessimistic at times, but she was also fiercely loyal and had the most character development throughout the series.

When she first met Steve the bartender, she couldn’t imagine having a serious relationship with him. Over time, Miranda’s ice-cold heart began to warm up and after an on-and-off relationship and co-parenting baby Brady, they ended up happily married. (We’re not going to address the cheating storyline in the first SATC movie because that was completely out of character for Steve).

Out of the foursome, Miranda was the most down to Earth. She could spend a weekend at home watching soap operas and eating takeout, but the moment her friends needed her, she would be there. Yes, she would call them out on their BS, but sometimes they needed the reality check. We all need a friend like Miranda to keep us grounded.


Time to discuss the main character herself. Carrie Bradshaw is an icon. From her bold style to her witty narration, she's a character you'll never forget. At first glance, Carrie’s life seems picture-perfect. She has her own newspaper column, a closet full of designer clothes, an active dating life and a tight-knit group of friends. However, Carrie Bradshaw was a walking hot mess. From her toxic situationship with Mr. Big to her horrible financial habits, there’s a LOT we can learn from her.

The Carrie and Big saga spanned six seasons and two movies. They got together, broke up, tried to be friends, cheated on their partners (Aiden deserved better) – and somehow ended up married? Big wanted Carrie, he just didn’t want to commit to Carrie. Carrie would try to accept this, but at the end of the day, she always found herself wanting more. After a while, things got to the point where her friends didn’t even want to hear his name anymore.

Sound familiar? Sometimes entanglements live past their expiration dates. Maybe you’re holding on to an ex, or pining after someone who doesn’t want to take things to the next level – either way, it’s time to cut the cord. Even Candace Bushnell, the original creator of SATC didn’t want these two together.

Now, let’s talk money. For years, fans of the show have tried to figure out how Carrie was able to afford her lifestyle (exhibits A and B). Each investigation estimates that she spent way more than she earned. Carrie’s financial instability was also referenced throughout the show. Who can forget the time she yelled at Charlotte for not offering to help her pay her downpayment.

I know we all prioritize funds differently, but there’s no reason you should have a closet filled with high-end designer brands while you’re deep in debt. During her financial crisis, Miranda pointed out that her shoe collection could easily cover the cost of her down payment. It seems like Carrie often fell into the trap of spending her money recklessly. Unfortunately, life imitates art, and influencers like Lissette Calveiro have gone into major debt trying to live the “Carrie lifestyle.”

When Covid first hit and we all spent months inside revisiting the TV shows of our past, Carrie received a fair share of criticism. Was she a good friend? Did she get too wrapped up in her own drama? Personally, I think Carrie’s flaws are a reminder that we’re only human and no one’s perfect.

The true love story here is the friendship they have. They stood by each others' sides throughout all of their life changes and never failed to show their support. I truly believe that platonic love is just as valuable (maybe even more important than) romantic love. Friend soulmates are real and deserve to be celebrated.

And just like that, this blog post is coming to an end (see what I did there). Are you planning on watching the new series? Let me know what you think!