• Hanifah Jones

Who says fashion can't be art?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Over Thanksgiving break, I was invited to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art's newest exhibit: Fabulous Fashion.

Growing up in Philly, the art museum has always been a personal favorite of mine. As a self-proclaimed art nerd with a passion for fashion, there was no way I was going to miss out. Besides, after spending months isolated on my school's campus, a night out in Center City was just what the doctor ordered.

The Fabulous Fashion Exhibit played homage to one of the greatest fashion houses in history: Dior. Known for pushing the envelope, it was no surprise that the museum decided to dedicate an exhibit to this fashion powerhouse.

The exhibit also featured pieces from other designers including Yves Saint Laurent, who succeeded Christian Dior after his passing in 1957. It was interesting to see how the designs changed over time. Each piece had an information card that told visitors when it was designed, by whom and why the design was groundbreaking.

Each room was organized by the details of the pieces. From draping to metallics.

Interestingly, this wedding section featured Grace Kelly's wedding shoes and bride manual but not her wedding dress, which she donated to the museum. There was a note stating that due to its fragility, it can only be displayed for special events.

This exhibit really broadened my appreciation for fashion history. Often times we get caught up in the physical aspect of fashion rather than what it means. Sometimes we forgot that the fashion trends we wear today are the result of the world around us.